Identify data structure

Data structure

  • Elementary items constitute a unit and that unit may be considered as a structure.
A structure may be treated as a frame or proforma where we organize some elementary items in different ways.
  • Data structure is a structure or unit where we organize elementary data items in different ways.
That means, a data structure is a means of structural relationships of elementary data items for storing and retrieving data in computer’s memory.
  • Usually elementary data items are the elements of a data structure.
  • However, a data structure may be an element of another data structure. That means a data structure may contain another data structure.

Table of contents

  1. BackgRound
  2. Array
  3. Record
  4. Linked List
  5. Stack
  6. Queue
  7. Tree
  8. Graph
  9. Searching and sorting
  10. Hashing

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